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Delegation of the European Union in Croatia, published a call for proposals on Thursday, open to non-profit organizations registered in Croatia, which aims to inform Croatian citizens about the European Union as well as the benefits of the membership in the EU, as stated in a statement of the Delegation.

Projects should be funded from the Information and Communications programe for 2011., part of the IPA (IPA INFO), which means that they will be managed directly by the Delegation of the EU. 

From 2008 to 2012 allocated a total of EUR 1.62 million as part of this specific program IPA, with the aim of creating partnerships with civil society to inform Croatian citizens on EU-related issues. The aim of this specific vocation, the fourth in a row, is awarded to a total maximum of EUR 500,000. Shares of calls must be focused on one of three specific priorities: actions aimed at informing the general public about the EU, its policies and the benefits of membership in the EU; initiatives that aim to bring the EU closer to the younger population in Croatia; Proposals aimed at informing and educating various specific segments of society about the possibilities offered by EU funds. The European Union will finance a minimum of 50 percent to a maximum of 90 percent of the total estimated eligible costs of the action.

Each grant amount requested must be between the minimum amount of EUR 50,000 and a maximum amount of 83,000 euros. Interested bidders must submit their proposals on a designated form by 8 May 2012.

The proposals will be reviewed and selected candidates will be asked to submit their complete application (now the deadline for the submission of 10 September 2012) to projects indicative started implemented in late 2012th Guidelines for grant applicants are available for inspection at the Victims of Fascism Square 6, 10000 Zagreb, and on the website of the EU Delegation

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