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The IMPACT– European Center for Cross-Sector Partnerships implements continuous training programs in cooperation with many distinguished local and international institutions, partner organizations, trainers, mentors and experts.

The core activities of the Center are as follows:

In implementing their training programs, the IMPACT Center works with:

Seminars are based on proactive approach and try to take into account, as much as possible, participants’ specific experiences and profiles. The number of participants in each seminar is limited to make sure seminars can be interactive. Seminars are intended for representatives of public (public administration, local and sub-local/regional self-government units and bodies) and private sector representatives and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The purpose of workshops is to build the capacities of representatives of public and private sectors and NGOs, and to provide them with knowledge and skills they can use in their respective organizations but also in the wider community to be able to respond to the dynamic environment in a better and more responsible way and to become sustainable actors in society development.

Summer schools a week long intensive programs which include lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, etc.

Workshops that enable public and private sector and NGO representatives to acquire or upgrade their skills and knowledge on possibilities and benefits of partnerships, to be able to, in turn, influence the strengthening of local democratic institutions, support the creation of an environment friendly to partnership development, help local organizations to take part in designing local development policies and monitoring their implementation and assist in the development of cooperation between local civil society organizations, local authorities, business sector and the media, focused on meeting and responding to the needs of local communities.

Social entrepreneurship is a new phenomenon in the third sector of modern economies the objective of which is not to gain profit but to help to deal with community needs through employment and self-employment.
Social entrepreneurship is different from classical private entrepreneurship in that the profit is returned back to the company and then reinvested through employment of specific social groups. Social entrepreneurship can contribute to competitiveness and diversity of the economy on regional, national and international levels. Business sector is an inseparable part of any community and contributes to the society in many different ways. Workshops IMPACT offers in this field help to understand the influence of social entrepreneurship on doing business, economic growth and productivity. Besides their regular activities, businesses can enhance their market presence, improve their reputation, advance their local, national and international activities, and support society development, while improving their productivity at the same time. Through cooperation with non-for-profit organizations, businesses can directly take part in tacking problems identified in the community. These workshops should influence the entire field of corporate social responsibility in Croatia and in the wider region as they are to be used to point out how the private sector could benefit from involvement in projects beneficiary to the wider community.

In times when public, private and non-governmental institutions and organizations from Croatia, but also from other countries, are looking into increasing their participation in programs financed from EU funds, it is often necessary to have specific knowledge and skills on preparing and managing European projects, knowledge of the EU Acquits, EU institutions, cross-border cooperation, etc. Workshops offered by IMPACT help all those with previous experience in this field or those who only plan to be more actively involved in implementation of larger European projects financed by the EU funds to acquire necessary knowledge and skills or to upgrade the existing ones.

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